The Oregon Coast Repeater Group is a consortium of professional volunteers dedicated to providing hardware, software and support for non-profit ventures involving public safety, emergency services and weather reporting systems. The OCRG is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and accepts donations for support of their efforts.

The board is comprised of licensed amateur radio operators who are Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) members which provide for a stable, reliable group with background checks. The members are actively employed, semi retired and retired communications professionals.

Current projects include maintaining the existing 11 APRS weather stations, many voice repeaters and linking radios. The OCRG has installed radio systems for public safety agencies, designed complete stations for Emergency Operations Centers, pioneered D-Star systems on the coast, demonstrated amateur radio for public events, and built customized equipment to solve communications problems.

The group is supported by donations and fundraisers. Information regarding supporting the group can be found on our web page How You Can Help. We welcome involvement from the amateur community, however some of our sites and systems are security sensitive and personnel may require clearance prior to accessing a site.

The OCRG looks forward to serving the amateur community along the Oregon coast, and we welcome your input, ideas and suggestions to make ours and other systems as ready and available as possible for any emergency. We welcome your input at ideas@ocrg,org.